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Nelly Paul, OTR, CLT, CPT, RYT


Graduating from UW-Milwaukee Occupational Therapy masters program in 2015, I started working in skilled nursing facilities then transitioned home health where I became familiar with many chronic diseases and debilitating injuries. I quickly became perplexed by the lack of treatment for my patients with chronic swelling.  I decided to take a shortened lymphatic education course and began attempting to treat lymphedema and swelling in the field. Soon after, I realized treating lymphedema was what I felt most passionate about.  I enjoyed the relationships and learning along the way. I sought out a 135 course to get my CLT certification through Norton School of Lymphedema.  As I felt so passionate about helping all individuals with swelling and lymphedema, I realized I was ready to use the research based/clinical tools from my training by opening my own clinic. 
Other than my OT training, I personally found a love for yoga and mind/body training thus pursued a Yoga Training Certification in 2013, a Personal Trainer Certification in 2020, and Dry Needling I&II in 2022.  I feel strongly I have a suitable background and knowledge base to problem solve treatments for your needs and get you back to doing the activities you love!  Overall, I believe in putting my clients first and providing exceptional customer service.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Arlyce Everson, CMT, NCTMB

I am Arlyce (Arlie) Everson. I am a nationally board certified massage therapist.  I find giving a massage is almost as rewarding to me as that of the client.  I am an RN (recently retired).  Over 20+ years of my nursing career was in Occupational Health with the focus being on work related injuries.  My emphasis has been early intervention which results in pain reduction, improved movement, less stress and improved energy levels.  I have good outcomes when working on neck, shoulder, low back, and post mastectomy lymphatic massage.  I find leg and arm massage to have amazing outcomes.

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