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Why You Should Invest in a Lymphatic Massage Pre and Post surgery

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Why should you invest in lymphatic massage pre and post surgery?

Lymphatic massage which is also known as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) can relieve the tight, heavy feeling of swelling after a facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast reconstruction, BBL or even orthopedic surgery. In fact any sort of surgery can do help by having a lymphatic treatment.

The short message is; with lymphatic massage / MLD as part of your tool kit, this will help reduce your swelling and shorten your post surgical recovery time and get you back to normal, sooner

What do you need to plan for?

If you can, please book in for two or three treatments, prior to your surgery​ as this will help your body and lymphatic system to be prepared for the post surgical recovery lymphatic massage treatments plus this will help you to be more relaxed


1. Plan and book in your lymphatic massage treatments as soon as possible after your surgery to reap the benefits

2. Budget for one to two x 60 minute treatments a week for around four to six weeks as a general guideline

3. Follow all your surgeon’s post surgical care instructions

4. Plan for your support and recovery process

Outcomes of the Lymphatic Treatments

Many clients feel less tight and heavy with the swelling reduction due to the lymphatic stimulation

● Clients also feel less stressed and more relaxed after their treatment due to the relaxation response of the lymphatic sequences. One client recently said “I didn’t expect it to be so relaxing!”

● With the lymphatic treatments, we are reducing the risk of fibrosis (thickening) around the scar and affected surgery area

● You will have a smooth, even result

● Anesthetics are evacuated from the system more quickly

● The inflammatory phase of recovery is sped up

● Wound healing is accelerated

● Scar tissue is laid down evenly

● Patients can return to their daily lives much sooner

What IS a post surgical lymphatic treatment?

A Lymphatic Massage / Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a very gentle and rhythmical sequence. There is no “squeezing” out of the lymph. It is a hands-on treatment and you will be placed in a supported position on the massage couch so you can relax and enjoy the treatment.

Your treatment starts with boosting full body lymphatic flow.Gentle massage strokes are used in the swollen area to encourage lymphatic flow and reduce swelling Strokes re-route lymphatic flow away from lymph nodes and vessels affected by the surgery

Often the stomach is treated as this will help clear out that post surgical constipation If you can’t lie on your back you may be put in a supported side-lying position or popped on to a chair for some of your treatment

Note: No oil or lotion is used and hands are with a light pressure in the direction of the lymphatic flow

Ask about our plastic surgery MLD treatment options today!

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